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ChefThomas Day III American 0
Number of Crew: 6Languages: English

Crew Profiles:

Captain - Andy Lauer, American
From Philadelphia, Captain Andy started boating from a young age. He relocated to Florida in 2003 to begin a career on charter yachts, earning his Captain’s license in 2011. Logging over 70,000 miles at sea, his favorite cruising areas are within the Bahamas and the BVIs. A lifelong passion for speed, Andy is an NHRA and IHRA licensed Pro/Sportsman classed drag racer, piloting his racecar at speeds in excess of 150 mph, covering the quarter mile in less than nine seconds. When he’s not traveling aboard TAIL LIGHTS, he enjoys diving, cycling, fitness, and competing in Spartan obstacle course races. With a love for the sea and chartering, Captain Andy has the knowledge and experience for an unforgettable holiday aboard M/Y TAIL LIGHTS. Captain of previous Yachts: LIVERNANO, UNBRIDLED, NINA LU, SWEET ESCAPE.

Chef – Thomas Day III, American
Chef Tom also joins us from Philadelphia. An early start in the hospitality industry at age 15, he soon found his passion in the kitchen and went on to study Culinary and Baking at the Art Institute of Philadelphia achieving the Outstanding Achievement Award and Presidential Scholarship. After many years as Executive Chef in some of Philly’s busiest top restaurants, Tom has recently transitioned into yachting to share his delicious creations on a more personal level as a private chef. He puts his heart and dedication into his food and thrives on that simple sigh, smile, or filled belly from our charter guests aboard TAIL LIGHTS.

Chief Stewardess - Nikki Meiman, American
Nikki was born in Fort Lauderdale. Her love for the water started at a young age, when she spent a lot of her spare time with her dad on boats. Nikki loves the outdoors, as well as fishing but her enjoyment for people and her training with children encouraged her to become a stewardess. With her calm disposition, creativity, and an aim to please attitude; it is her passion to give guests exceptional service. Before yachting Nikki was a Nuisance Alligator Trapper for the State of Florida and provides much amusement to guests when explaining her line of ‘community service.’

2nd Stewardess – Jessica Ortiz, American
Jessica is from a small town in Delaware but has traveled the U.S. because of her father’s career in the military. Jessica just recently started her career in the yachting industry but with her past experience in service as a bartender and love for the outdoors, Jessica has become an important member to the interior and exterior team. Off the boat you can find Jessica outside on the beach or on a rainy day, inside watching a horror movie.

Mate – Avery Russell, American
Avery is originally from Atlanta, Georgia but moved to Florida to attend college at the University of Central Florida to pursue his profession in marketing. Shortly after finishing college is when he wanted to change his career path into the yachting industry. Avery has been in yachting for almost five years and has intensions on one day becoming a captain to run his own boat. Avery has a passion for fishing and all water sports which makes him the perfect guide for any guest adventures.

Engineer - Jib Mitchel, Canadian
Jib was born in Ontario Canada but at a young age moved with his family to the U.S. in Stuart, FL. Before getting into the yachting industry, Jib pursued a career in welding for five years which allowed him to travel all around the United States. Jib is an avid traveler and has traveled on a boat through the remote islands of the South Pacific. His interests out of yachting consist of photography, fixing his trucks, and skateboarding. While he still loves to travel, Jib enjoys staying more local and on family boats which is why M/Y TAIL LIGHTS is a perfect fit.