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Number of Crew: 6Languages: English and Spanish

Crew Profiles:
Captain Nathaniel Tanner

Born and raised in Newport RI, Captain Nate began sailing at an early age, spending most of his life on the water. Nate began his yachting career racing on 12 meter America’s Cup yachts, before moving onto motor yachts. Nate is a ‘hands on’ Captain with worldwide cruising and extensive charter experience in New England, the Bahamas, Caribbean, Central America, and the Mediterranean. His knowledge, expertise, and professionalism paired with his kind personality will guide and serve your guests through the turquoise waters to create the utmost memorable experience aboard TAIL LIGHTS. During his free time you may find Nate diving, surfing reef road or fishing near his home in West Palm Beach. Previous yachts: REBEL, SEA LEGEND, DOUBLE DOWN, and Mate on SERENITY.

Chef Thomas Day III, American

Chef Tom hails from Philadelphia, who at the early age of 15 got his start in the hospitality industry. Tom found his passion in the kitchen and studied Culinary and Baking at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. They honored Tom with an Outstanding Achievement Award and a Presidential Scholarship. After years as an Executive Chef in some of Philly’s busiest top restaurants, he transitioned into yachting to share his delicious creations on a more personal level as a private chef. Tom puts his heart and dedication into his food and thrives on that simple sigh, smile, or filled belly from our charter guests aboard TAIL LIGHTS.

Chief Stewardess Camile Ramos

Camila was born and raised in Brazil. She graduated from Tourism and Hospitality in Santos-Brazil. Her interest in hospitality and passion for being on the water and traveling brought her into a career in yachting. Camila has worked aboard yachts in Mexico, Europe, and America. Camila spent 2 months in India where she was certified as a yoga instructor. Camila is always eager to assist the guests aboard TAIL LIGHTS in every way and aims to ensure they have the most memorable vacation possible.

2nd Stewardess Alecia Cahill

Alecia hails from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where she spent her summers on the water and winters snowboarding in Vermont. She joins the yachting industry with an interest for hospitality and seamanship while fueling her passion for travel. She is a skilled teacher in the practice of yoga and meditation. Inspired by fashion, local crafts and nature, she got her BFA in textile design. Her creative spirit and upbeat personality shines brightest when she’s mixing up your favorite cocktails.

1st Mate–Christopher Grandmaison, American

Chris found his love for the ocean at an early age after taking frequent trips off the California coast on his father’s fishing boat. He grew up in San Diego enjoying boating, surfing, and diving. After graduating from college, his thirst for travel and love for the ocean has led him to a career in yachting. Chris’s 15 years in the hospitality industry and 6 seasons working on yachts has prepared him to help create unforgettable experiences while aboard TAIL LIGHTS. When not out on the water, Chris enjoys snowboarding, playing hockey, and photography.

Engineer-Rich Di Giulio, American

Rich was born in Rhode Island. He has lived as far inland as Indiana as a coal miner, but the call of the ocean was too strong. Rich returned to the sea in the yachting industry. Rich has a knack for fixing things and is passionate about personal growth. He is an avid traveler and has traveled throughout the Caribbean, crossed the Atlantic, and stayed in the Mediterranean for ten years. When not performing engineering duties we can find Rich in the crew mess folding napkins and/or making towel animals. In his spare time off the yacht, he loves to play with his daughter, take photos, and fly his drone. Rich also enjoys working out.