January 2018
Late January, 2018, guests aboard catamaran INVICTUS with WILLIAM & KIM

William and Kim,
As we bid adieu to our lovely hosts
We remember the things we loved the most
A beautiful boat
Cutting through a raucous sea
Enclosed in shelter all four a lee
And then returns the Caribbean sun
Magnificent islands will not be outdone
Craggy rocks shine in bright blue sky
Azure seas bring the tides reply
Heavens open to moonlight night
Stars gaze down upon sandy bight
Much has been lost yet much to gain
As the wind swept islands rise again

Kim and Will, thanks for a wonderful week. Our doors are always open to you on Cape
Cod . Good luck with your new adventures. Susan, Eric, Denise and Tim
New Years 2017
2017/2018 New Years guests on INVICTUS with WILLIAM & KIM wrote:
After our disastrous sail around Australia I never thought I'd see my family get on another sail boat. I was wrong - and lucky that the next one happened to be Invictus. We had a great week and an amazing drunken stumble into the new year. Thanks for always making
sure our glasses were always full and our bellies even more so. Although we'll still be sunbathing in California, we won't have your amazing stories and company to make the time fly by. Your hospitality meant the world to us.
With Love, The Clark Family!