Previously named Callista

Memories to Cherish
Thank you for creating memories we will cherish for a lifetime. The beautiful islands, serene sailing, delicious meals and warm hospitality will be forever in our hearts.
You are the best crew!! We will miss you and wish you all the best.
Different Perspective
A trip of a lifetime. private caves, personal service, fabulous meals. A completely different perspective of the Caribbean. We would never have seen some of these locations had we not "ridden on the Ripple"

Thank you
We Have Loved Every Minute!
Such a delightful week this has been. The sights and experiences were all fabulous, and Mark and Shawna treated us like family.
Mark is such a pro and makes certain we have the best possible experiences. Even when the weather didn't cooperate, he found a way for us to enjoy every moment. Shawna's delightful personality makes every bite of the delicious food she prepares even more enjoyable. We have loved every minute!
Everything and More
What a way to begin a new year! From the first welcome to the final mooring and meal, this experience was everything and more. Thanks to all three of you for your expertise, hospitality and playfulness. You made a lot of not-so-young people very very happy.
Far Surpassed Anything I imagined
I have dreamed of this for decades and this far surpassed anything I have imagined. Mark, Shawna and Euan, you are such beautiful people! I leave with so many memories I will cherish forever. I felt like royalty! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I may need to buy a karaoke machine! Jeff and I plan to return, to your boat, with our sons, daughter-in-law and maybe grandchildren.
This was the best and most memorable trip ever. The crew of the RIPPLE are fantastic! Capt mark, Chef Shawna and First Mate Euan are the best I've encountered.
Will be back!
The Best!
Quite the adventure on the Ripple. The trip far surpassed all expectations I had coming in. You guys are clearly the "Best" I wish you all nothing short of the best with your future endeavors.
So Sad To Leave
The absolute best crew I have ever had. Never once were y'all in bad spirits or anything. 10/10 and I would recommend you to anyone. I am so sad to leave.
So Much Laughter And Fun
This was the most amazing trip ever. So much laughter, fun and alcohol :) Could not have asked for a better trip and crew. Ripple is the GOAT!
This is cinnamon buffy over and out......this was such an amazing trip, the crew was so amazing.I will never forget this trip.
A Wonderful Week
What a wonderful week! Lot's of laughs, beauty, great food and a few drinks. We are sorry the week is ending but we depart with wonderful memories and plans for another outing - we hope
Awesome Time!
Thanks for an awesome time! Captain Mark, Shawna and Euan were so attentive.
had some beautiful anchorages. Snorkeled the caves and Indians - beautiful. Meals/Hors D'Oeuvres were over the top. Each one better than the last. Euan helped us catch 5 fish which Shawna prepared for su (Sushi and Bakes) They were so friendly.
One of the most relaxing vacations I've had.
Thank you
Awesome Time!
Thanks for an awesome time! Captain Mark, Shawna and Euan were so attentive.
had some beautiful anchorages. Snorkeled the caves and Indians - beautiful. Meals/Hors D'Oeuvres were over the top. Each one better than the last. Euan helped us catch 5 fish which Shawna prepared for su (Sushi and Bakes) They were so friendly.
One of the most relaxing vacations I've had.
Thank you
Our Honeymoon Was So Special For Us
Thank you for this unforgettable week and making our honeymoon so special for us.
Mark, you are a good captain, navigating the bumpy seas between St. Martin and St. Barts with ease. The layout of the entire trip was perfect. Thanks for your can-do attitude and accommodating all our little extra wishes.

Kirsten, thanks for the unforgettable dives! Your up-beat nature really was amazing to be around. You found the perfect balance between professionalism and heart-felt service. We wish you all the best for your future - professionally and personally.

Ashley thank you for all the amazing meals you prepared for us with so much love. Your great soul is reflected in your dishes. I wish I could have had more of them.

All of you were amazing people and we are more than grateful that you were our crew for the week.
The Most Unforgettable Vacation
Our dear Ripple Family
What a special special vacation you guys have created for us!
Thank you so much for always putting our wishes on top of your list. All of you have shown us great level of hospitality! Truly impressed.

Thank you Mark, for being such an experienced responsible captain, who always kept
us safe and comfortable. Your cocktails rock!

Thank you Ashley for spoiling us with such amazing food with great ease both flavor wise and aesthetically. Your surely are a true artist with creations in the kitchen - to every detail of different daily presentations on the table also to your beautiful attitude towards life.

Thank you dear Kirsten, for taking such good care of us! Both from everyday life to the amazing experience under the ocean - you are so much fun!
And I am very much impressed how humble you are, dedicated to what you do and just so hard working! You are a good inspiration for many young people! Above all what a precious good heart.

Thank you all for surrounding us with love for these past seven days. This is THE MOST UNFORGETTABLE vacation of my life.

Take care all of you. Be the amazing way you all are.
Let us know when you pop by Switzerland one day. The delicious chocolate coated almonds await you!
Gratitude to You Both
We want to express our gratitude to you both for taking such great care of us during our stay on Ripple!
Your meals have been exquisite and delicious (to say the least) and the scuba diving memories we will hold on to for a lifetime.
Crazy you brought back 2 lobsters from a dive! What a wonderful experience sharing the lobsters together and getting to know one another. We will absolutely be back and in the meantime we will miss you both!
Thank you again.
Exactly What We Dreamed It Would Be!
Our stay on Ripple was exactly what we dreamed it would be. It was both relaxing and fun. The boat was beautiful, spacious, impeccably clean and equipped with everything from reef-safe sunscreen to scuba equipment fitted for our family, and every kind of toy in between. There were plenty of places for quiet, private conversations for 2, or comfortable, whole-family gatherings (we were 6 adults). (The fact that everyone had their own en suite bathrooms/showers was a huge selling point for us, too!)

Our Captain, Mark, was knowledgeable, professional, safety-conscious — but most of all, FUN! We left the itinerary up to him and he delivered the best scuba and snorkeling spots at the right times for great visibility considering how the ocean floor can get churned up with weather. He made sure that everyone was having fun, prepared specialty cocktails (e.g., "Slippery Ripple” and “A Ripple In Time,” etc.), but was always cognizant of the line between stimulating activities and restful relaxation - both of which were needed by our group - and he always read the situations/moods perfectly.

Part of being completely relaxed and totally spoiled is not having to do so much as to even DECIDE what to have for dinner. Having received all of our preferences and aversions, Chef Nicole surprised us 4 times a day with meals perfectly catered to each of our palates - which was not easy as our preferences were varied, including one hard-core Vegan. Everything was super-fresh, beautifully presented, and marvelously delicious. I wish I could have taken her home! Her genuinely happy disposition proved that she was doing what she loved to do - and it couldn’t have been more appreciated by our group.

We have been to the US/BVI several times for bareboat and crewed charters — and cannot recommend this boat or the crew more highly.

Ripple is a Beauty!
Ripple is a beauty! From the moment we stepped aboard we were engulfed in luxury and relaxation. Mark and Nicole greeted us with chilled towels, light snacks, and a celebratory glass of champagne. Nicole’s culinary creations are a delightful treat. Our feasts were beautifully presented with fine details of matching table linens and table décor to compliment our colorful cuisine. Nicole was always cheerful, funny, and accommodating to all our needs (even ensuring fresh brewed coffee for this early bird). We were in good hands with Captain Mark to embark on many adventures underway. He was always spot on with preparing for our day’s activities with the abundance of toys aboard Ripple. Ripple is so spacious! With multiple guests, you can still find peaceful spots to relax as you sail to your next destination. Our bedroom was roomy, comfortable, and always clean. I feel at home on Ripple and can’t wait to come back again and again.
We Don't Want To Leave
The best vacation ever. We don't want to leave. Mark and Nicole made the trip insane. Nicole is the best chef and beyond kind. mark made us feel well looked after and was fantastic.
Love this bot and crew.
Dynamic Duo and Amazing Yacht.
Mark and Nicole
Words cannot describe what an amazing vacation this as on ripple. You both were wonderful and this entire experience start to finish was amazing. You made us so comfortable and you are both so much fun and esasy to be with. The food was over the top - out of this world, phenomenal - shall I go on?
We enjoyed every single meal and appetizers. The captain's cocktails were amazing too.
The activities on board were so much fun - spear-fishing, sea scooters, scuba, snuba, tubing and just floating in the water. Mark is a master at everything and was so organized and helpful. He is a pro!
Thank you Mark and Nicole for an unforgettable week. We can't wait to come back to Ripple and the Dynamic Duo.
Fabulous Vacation!
What a fabulous vacation we had on Ripple. Mark and Nicole were beyond amazing. We have never felt so welcome. The signature drinks were so good that we will try to recreate them at home. We can't wait to tell our friends at home that they need to do this one day.
We were also so lucky to be here and enjoy and meet the band Willow Hill which played on the yacht to an audience floating. in the water. They are such an amazing band . Thank you again for everything. I will be dreaming about this vacation everyday.
Feeling Very Grateful!
I realize after 61/2 days of being taken care of by two such positive talented, knowledgeable people - we as a family have been blessed! You both compliment each other's personalities. Always a smile, making sure that our comfort and safety were your priority. This has been a very special memory making trip!! Mark, you had so many great ideas for adventure. I loved the snorkeling, the cocktails, your attention to every detail. Your "even keel" personality made every day seem stress free. You are a gifted sailor, captain and a lovely human being. Thank you
Nicole, I love to cook - But! You are a true chef! Your meal planning was so creative and diverse. Everything was delicious and amazing. Your sauces! Accommodating my dietary restrictions had to be challenging - but you my friend, went "overboard"! Your smile is infectious - every time you speak your face glows with positivity. God has blessed you with the gift of hospitality!
We have had an amazing week! It is all thanks to the two of you. Thanks to the two of you. Thank you for sharing all your gifts with us. Feeling very grateful!
Such a Wonderful Week
Mark, thank you for all your personal touches. Putting the toys in for us and taking them back out as well!! The snorkeling has been fantastic all week long. Thanks for making/taking 6 year old master Tyler on every trip during our week. Nicole, never have I been treated so well and your food was unbelievable. Holly and I have traveled all over the world and never had such a wonderful week. We both needed stress relief and you certainly went above and beyond. Thank you for taking such loving care of master Tyler. Our ages ranged from 6 to 70 and you handled everyone with great care!
An Amazing Time
Mark, thank you for showing us such an amazing time in the VI. Your patience with Tyler and us was remarkable, having a six year old on the boat definitely adds challenges and you handled it amazingly. Thankyou for all of the attention to detail and for tailoring the trip to our wants and needs.
Nicole, I didnt have one bite of food on the trip that I didn't love. the amount of time that you spent in the galley making sure everything was perfect was unreal! Thank you for catering to all of our crazy needs and restrictions. I know it wasn't easy and you had to make multiple plates at each meal and you pulled it off!
Thank you both for all the memories!
Was Proven Wrong!
We decided to do this trip with our 20 something kids and another family!! I was NOT looking forward to it! Well - I was proven wrong! From the second we pulled up to the dock the crew made our week incredible. Maybe it was the 1/2 surprise birthday cake to celebrate our daughters 241/4 birthday that set the mood!
The sailing was great. The food was great and my picky eating was accommodated! We were never without a drink in our hands either. the boat was beautiful too.
We cannot wait to do it again!
Wonderful Family Holiday in The VI
We are a family of 4 and nothing was too much trouble, the food was amazing (think high end restaurant quality) and we were always in the best position possible for any stop - the crew were absolutely superb.

We enjoyed a mixture of beach bars, snorkeling, fishing, kayaking and paddle boarding, enjoying drinks in the floating seats and some retail therapy in the shops.

We could not recommend this vacation more highly - very relaxing and enjoyable. The crew should be recognized for wonderful service.
Aware of All Our Needs and Wants
We've booked sailing trips many times and this trip was absolutely the best of them. We had an amazing week aboard the catamaran, with the best crew we could have possibly gotten.

The crew was fantastic!They were incredibly aware of all our needs and wants. We had amazing, sophisticated meals and appetizers and great cocktails.

The captain is a very experienced sailor and he knew exactly where to take us depending if we wanted bars/people/movement or just a completely peaceful spot. We got along great and they were very helpful in making this a great trip for us, full of activities (paddle board, kayak, wakeboard etc). Cabins and overall boat were kept very clean all the time.

We definitely feel we got more than our money's worth and would tailor our next sailing trip to match dates with this crew, on any yacht.
We Have Never, Ever Had Such An Experience
We are sitting on our patio back home, having drinks and thinking of you guys.

First, we want to thank you for waiting on us hand and foot during our vacation. We have never, ever had such an experience. We know that you guys are consummate professionals and it is all in the day's work but we wanted to let you know how special it made us feel, each and every day.

We have had many sailing vacations, and every time we ourselves did the work required: the planning, the navigation, the sailing, the sail handling, water management, shopping, and the list goes on. And this time, you guys did all this and more for us. The atmosphere your provided, the quality of the food, the drinks, the place settings, the itinerary, the anchoring, the cleanliness of the boat; everything was incredible. You guys did it better than we thought it could be done.

So we wanted to let you know all of this and let you know how much we appreciate it and how much we enjoy our memories that week.

We hope you guys have great charters and great guests and a great season, we hope we cross paths with you guys again!

We Highly Recommend This To Others
First of all, we are not owners of a boat but recently we chartered for a week with other couples for my husbands 40th birthday. this trip was a "bucket list" type of vacation for my husband and I and it was even more amazing than expected!

The VI were beautiful and our crew was spectacular! they were so nice and took care of us hand and foot. It was so refreshing to be on vacation and not have to lift a finger if we didn't want to. They were able to recommend the best places to visit and we enjoyed each and every one!

This was, hands down, the best vacation we have been on to date and we would highly recommend it to others!
Wonderful Holiday
Thank you Mark and team for a wonderful holiday, especially the e-foiling and great anchorages. A holiday to remember!
Best Holidays
We had so much fun diving and lobster hunting, one of the best holidays ever thank you!
Kids Had A Blast!
We absolutely loved the cruise to Anegada and the lobster and conch tour. The kids had a blast tubing and snorkeling with you at Norman Island and the Indians, thanks again Capt. Mark!
Turtle Spotting
Capt. Mark, you did a great job guiding us through the rough weather to St Barths and we really enjoyed the anchorages and turtle spotting as well as the dives we did with you, see you in the summer!