20th May 2023
Skipper: 5/5
Comments Steve was professional, knowledgeable and friendly at all times.

Rest of the crew: 5/5
Comments Monika, like Steve, was always professional, knowledgeable and welcoming.

How would you qualify the yacht (comfort, features, general maintenance, etc) 5/5
Comments Groovy is a lovely comfortable yacht. Whilst we were on board there were no maintenance issues that we were aware of

How would you qualify the itinerary 5/5
Comments Whilst all of our group had visited the Grenadines before, Steve and Monika’s ideas for the itinerary were really spot on. It allowed us to see more of the true Grenadines and plenty of superb swimming/snorkeling opportunities.

How would you qualify the sports and leisure activities/equipment on board 5/5
Comments Snorkelling gear used was in good order. And Priscilla the pink flamingo fulfilled her role admirably (if you know, you know 😉).

How would you qualify the food and drinks 5/5
Comments There are no words that can do justice to Monika’s food. Variety, quality, taste without equal. Both Monika and Steve mixed a good cocktail 😀

How would you qualify the entire experience of your trip 5/5
Comments We have been made to feel very special by everyone we dealt with during this vacation from the day we started planning through to the moment we left Monika and Steve waving us off as we drove away in our taxi at the end of our cruise.

I can honestly say that our experience throughout has been excellent. Mariela, Monika and Steve (not forgetting Groovy) ALL made us feel looked after, very spoiled and special. Everyone and everything exceeded expectations. Our special celebration was just that, special. Thank you all.
April 26th 2023
You two are a great team. We enjoyed our time onboard Groovy so much. It was a bucket list for Karen and a life experience for me which I will seek out again. The snorkelling, learning about sailing and being reprimanded in the fridge were my highlights :) Thank you so much.
April 16th - Spectacular Trip
Thank you for a spectacular trip! Our family had an amazing tmie and wonderful adventure. The most spectacular coral, beautiful fish, cuddly dogs, delicious food, the occasional rum shack and an exploding 'Noddy'! Many thanks.

Thank you for such an amazing trip! We loved the food (your bread!!) and of course the cutest dogs, Red Dog! And ofr making my B-day great! Thanks!

Thanks for taking us on an amazing adventure. The kids will remember this long after their sunburns have faded!
17th March 2023 -
We loved everything about our return trip to the Grenadines, this time on Groovy!
Your local knowledge of the anchorages, the people and the stores enhanced our trip. Your boat was perfect for us and a fun birthday celebration. And the food was fresh, local, always delicious!
25th February 2023 Big Thank you !
Big Thank you for a great holiday week. Sailing, snorkelling, swimming, drone flying, fishing and great adventures. And Monika's cooking was wonderful. Everything was such a joy. Thank you!

I loved the desert and the food - Anna (7yrs)
Thank you for the fun holiday ! The best thing was to play and have a water pistol fight with the Snowman captain Steve! - Erika (3.5yrs)
I loved the sailing as it reminded me of when I was little - Otso (11yrs)

We had dreamed of sailing the Grenadines for years and really this was a dream come true. Thank you so much for creating perfect memories for us. So many amazing memories!!!
Jan 4th
From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the memories that will last a lifetme. You truly known how to make people feel cared and loved.

I am grateful for the experience of a lifetme. What a memorable and beautiful trip thanks to the both of you! For many many years to come I will remember Monika's feisty spirit and the Skipper's infectious laugh.
Jan 3rd 2023
Every once in a while you get a chance to enjoy life to its fullest. Groovy, Steve and Monika created that opportunity. It has been an incredible week. Many thanks for our outstanding experience. We loved the New Years party and of course our New Year Birthday celebrations. You both went to great lengths to ensure our celebrations were amazing.
Dec 26th 2022
Thank you for a wonderful time filled with laughting and adventure. We have never eaten so well and had so much fun! The Kenneys will never forget the carol singers in Sandy Lane! You made our Christmas vacation so special.
Nov 19th
What a wonderful experience sailing and touring with you guys! Everything about the trip - sailing, exploring, eating, conversing - has been a joy.
12th Nov 22
What an absolutely fabulous trip! You have made four old drifters very happy, keeping us cosy, safe and extremely well fed. We especially enjoyed the pina coladas at Vanessas in Chatham Bay (although its all hearsay), the lobster on the beach and the loveliest food on the boat. Thank you for a wonderful introduction to sailing.
5- 12 November 2022
What an absolute fabulous trip! You have made four old duffers very happy, keeping us cozy, safe and extremely well fed. We specially enjoyed the Pina Colada at Vanessa's at Chatham Bay ( although it's all hearsay),the lobster on the beach and all the loveliest food on the boat. Thank you both for and wonderful time and such a patient and gentle introduction to sailing David and Catherine, Somerset England Xx

This trip was beyond all expectations. Steve and Monica were superb and were willing to share the considerable knowledge of the Grenadines with us. The food they provided was simply stunning and the islands were unbelievable. Swam every day and Captain Steve said no currents to worry about but come to pick us up when we drifted! Overall this trip has been wonderful and we will remember it forever with great fondness. Steve and Monica are simply the best, most delightful hosts.
John and Jane Greenwood London UK

The most memorable time. All my thanks to Steve for never letting me drown and giving me confidence when snorkeling and to Monica for the most fantastic care and food. There really are no currents!! Love Jane
21st August
We'd been planning this trip for a very long time- wanted to bring our boys out here to see the things we'd discovered years ago. All the events that caused to delay year after year-Covid, Soufriere and finally, a litteral balt of lightning ⚡️(!!!) were actually just the universe leading us to meet Steve & Monika and get Groovy. Can't thank you enough- Many, many thanks to the whole team- we will never forget you and this wonderful time spent in the Grenadines!!

It's our last morning aboard, and I am sad to leave. What an incredible experience this has been, waking up every morning in postcard picture places, with turquoise blue water, teaming with wildlife. Thank you so much for changing your plans so that you could make ours happen. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience to show this beautiful world off to its best advantage and keep us safe and moving forward. Thank you for being willing to share your lives with us so that we would be welcome to your home. You are an amazing couple, with a wonderful life together. Your interplay was always entertaining and clearly showed the depth of your care for each other. It has been such a pleasure getting to know you both. We have learned much from you, and perhaps also you have learned from us. Hopefully in another Groovy place at another Groovy time our paths will cross again.

Thank you for taking a chance and literally sailing to the rescue for a bunch of moderately unruly Trinis and Canadians!! We really made sure to enjoy the heck out of everything but you guys made it super easy to relax and enjoy this beautiful place!
Aug 22
We had been planning this trip for a very long time. We wanted to bring our boys out here to see the things wed discovered so many years ago. All the events taht caused us to delay were actually just the universe leading us to meet Steve and Monika and get Groovy. We cant' thank you enough
August 6
Dear Steve & Monika. I can't thank you enough for a fantastic time. You pulling this together on such a short notice was an absolute miracle. You guys were such a pleasure to spend time with. Thank you. Thank you. I truly hope our paths will cross again. John

I have no worlds to express how grateful I am for the things you've done for the rest of the crew and myself. You are both fun, down to earth people who we were so lucky to have here. Whenever I felt seasick I would look to see you two completely comfortable which always made things better. This trip would not have been nearly as good if it were not for you. Amazing personalities. Hope to see you again someday! And if not I hope you have fun as you sail through the sea of life:-) Jackson

Thank you so much for the wonderful trip you allowed us to have ( and for it to all happen so last minute) Words can't express how amazing you guys are. Remember me when you are famous on Tik Tok

Thank you so much for a truly memorable trip! We appreciate you so much for taking us in so last minute! Hope to see you soon! Chase those Tik Tok popularity dreams! Ruby

Thank you so much for a wonderful trip! From the food to the voyage to fun commentary and interesting stories- it was all spectacular. I hope that one day we can all sail together again. Abby

Dear Monika & Steve Ray Vaughan, So, a Jew, a Polock, a Swedish American atheist walk into a bar- crikey! You are the most adorable couple. Thanks for rescuing our vaca at the last moment. We did a short loop: Can- Tobago Cays-Salt Whistle- Brittania Bay-Bequia. We felt safe, well fed and completely charmed. Thanx for this spectacular voyage.
June 2022
To: Monika and Steve

We had an amazing trip. Thank you for everything. There was so much to see and do. We were able to go to islands we had never heard of and experience so much in such a short trip. You are great hosts and so much fun to be with and the food was fantastic. Monika you are an awesome chef and Steve you’re pretty good on the grill, yourself. All the yummy dessert were five star. Hopefully someday we can sail with you again. See ya then.

Brad, Rhonda, Brady , Brogan Schmitz
18th February 2022
Dear Monika and Steve. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this incredible week spent with you. You both have been the most incredible hosts, and I am so grateful for all you have showed us and taught us about sailing in this incredible part of the world. You are both incredibly special people and I hope our paths cross again!
Love Maya-Nika

Monika and Steve
I am writing this while sailing- so here's hoping I don't get seasick! I can't thank you both enough for this incredible adventure. You are both so unbelievably knowledgeable and you have made every second on board an absolute privilege. I sincerely hope to see you both again. Also remember Steve you are the reigning ShitHead.
Love Josh

Dear Monika and Steve. Here are poems of poetry Rumi that express some of our thoughts and feelings after traveling with you on Groovy❤
# What a joy, to travel the way of the heart.
#My soul is else where, I am sure of that and I intend to end up there.
#Run from what is comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.
# Why stay in prison when the door is wide open
# Let yourself become living poetry
#Respond to every call that excite you.
#Rise up nimbly and go on your strange journey to the ocean of meaning...leave and don't look away from the sun as you go, in whose light you're sometimes crescent, sometimes full.
# Journeys bring power and love back into you. If you can not go somewhere move in the passage ways of the self. They are like shafts of light always changing- and you change when you explore them.
# Giving thanks for abundance is greater then abundance itself.
Much love and huge appreciation and many thanks. Yours!! Moonie and Kirk
3rd February 2022
Dear Monika and Steve, thanks for the most magical trip on your awesome cat! I have loved every sunrise, sunset & kite mayhem! From turtles, stingrays, coral reefs, sea urchin diving, waterfalls the list goes on. We all truly relaxed and I can't wait to come back. The food & hospitality has been epic and you are both truly lovely humans with so many cool stories.
From 'Baz' ( Julia)

Dear Monika and Steve what an amazing trip you have given us all! I never dreamt I would learn to foil out here so thank you for your help and letting me borrow the foil boards!! Hopefully we will be back soon with our own foils and kites that stay inflated! Cheers both!

Dear Monika and Steve, Thank you for the holiday of a lifetime. It has been amazing to see SVG from the water. Groovy has been better then we could have imagined and you both have made the trip so relaxing, fun and adventurous all in one. Monika the food has been out of this world- if you do ever do the McDonald's franchise it will be the tastiest in the world. Hopefully we will be back & will be able to kite up wind ( thanks for all the rescues Steve!)
Thanks Emily

Monika and Steve what can I say? Amazing, idyllic, awesome, Groovy! The perfect mix of adventure, luxury, excitement exploration and of course kiting ( at all levels)- Thank you for your patience, hospitality and for allowing us to share your lovely boat.
Until next time xxx Hilary

Monika and Steve. The perfect way to start 2022. Let's hope the rest of the year is as Groovy! Everything from the adventurous to the food and laughs have been top notch. Thank you for trusting me with sailing of the boat- next time we see you I will be a fully fledged sea farer- I might even have gained some balance by than! Genuinely thank you for a brilliant trip.

Monika and Steve. An amazing trip we have done and seen so much more then we possibly imagined. Thank you so much for all the kiting advice, after 2 years of kiting I can actually stand up and go off the boat. You have both made us very welcome and we genuinely ask you to come to the UK to see us if you are ever passing.
Best wishes. David
18th January 2022

Thank you so much for your hospitality and sharing your lovely boat with us. We had a lovely time with you and a special thanks for getting us into kitesurfing, we are hooked! Next time we see you mum will be jumping over the boat with her kite.

Hope to see you soon again!
Love Alex, Cat, Lee
29th Dec 2021- 6th Jan 2022
Dear Monika and Steve
Thank you for making this the greatest holiday ever. My favorit part was when mum and dad went to a restaurant and we stayed in the boat and had beans on toast and wachdd Kookslams
Dotty age 9

Dear Steve and Monika
I knew I would make memories on this trip but I didn't realise just how awsome they would be. My best would probably be scaring myself half to death when creepy snorkeling dead guy swam under the boat ( Steve) and when I heard Monika's endless laugh over the engine. Thank you so much from Martha, age 11

Steve and Monica,
Thank you so much for making this holiday so fun and memorable for all of us. Sorry for killing the much loved Noddy. R. I. P.
From Josie, age 13
P.s don't watch too many Kookslams!

Steve and Monika,
We were so, so lucky to have ended up 9n Groovy, in the hands of the dream team. You have made an amazing, beautiful and deeply memorable week for all five of us. You really made us feel like nothing was any trouble and made us all so welcome and comfortable on board. What great hosts! Delicious and healthy meals appeared one after the other, Monika's shakshuka, Steve's frittes, Monika's frittes!
We tried to test you with a return trip into the wind to pick up more Brits for the day but we couldn't throw you of your stride. Lots of wing- foiling followed, including knackered lessons for you guys! The best snorkeling sessions, Steve helping Mermaid Martha to spot lobsters, longish, osprey diving and catching fish, rays, manta ray, a whale and all the rest. Wake-SUP-surfing behind the dinghy, catching Barracuda, filleting Barracuda! Clining Conch shells and even all the girls enjoying aubergine! It was the most fun-packed, action filled week ever. We can't thank you enough.
We wish you fair winds foiling adventures and the appreciative charter guests you deserve. We look forward to following the Groovy crew's adventures in the Pacific and beyond.
It was so enjoyable and relaxing to groove with you. In addition to what Will said I also wanted to say just how kind, interested, fun and inspiring you have been with the girls. They have all felt so relaxed and part of the team. Thank you so much for giving us not just your boat, but your attention and company. We will remamber this time as a real Haven. With love and best wishes Hanna & Will xxx

Lovely Holiday
What a bloody marvellous week we've had! A trip of a lifetime. We could not have asked for a better captain and boss:-) Thank you for all the food, beautiful views, and laughs over sunset happy hours. You will always have a place to call home in the middle of Mexico! Un abrazo, Daniela F.

To the Captain and The Boss...what a delightful week of delicious food, boat talk, self mini - sails, snorkeling, dinghy runs, hot springs baths, gorgeous views of a lifetime.....yes as Dani wrote it was absolutely bloody marvellous...and Mr.Sandman will always be remembered along with Mick's multiple attempts to have his body like a slab onto that low-rider kayak! Most of all I want to say you two are truly lovely people with whom it was such a relaxing easy experience to simply "hang". Thank you thank you, thank you- Mick- the other half of the Mexican.
An adventure of a lifetime - 1st Dec 2021
Our friend gifted us a surprise romantic sailing trip. Little did we know that he was gifting us quite the adventure of a lifetime led by two kindred spirits. We will remember the sailing, the hikes, boyboy, starts, waterfalls, stories, feast and games and carry with us your kindness and hospitality - always.

Your boat is lovely, and so are you. We will keep in touch until our paths cross again.

Steve one day you will grow up to be a smurf :)
Until next time!
Kiting in the full moon
Thank you so much for everything. To us it was the first trip together on a boat and Diane was so excited. To me, our launch off the boat night kite session under the full moon and stars will always be remembered. Thank you
13th Nov 2021 - A Dream Come True
We booked this trip - our 'dream' stay on a catamaran, nearly 2 years ago. After several postponements due to covid, we finally had our dream come true. Thank you for exceeding all expectations. Your warmth + hospitality are unparalleled we actually managed to shut off our phones + the world, truly relaxing. Favorite moments include swimming to Morpion Island, sunset cocktails in Chatham Bay, napping on the bow, snorkeling with sharks, nearly killing Steve with the kite (sorry), incredible Breakfasts with Monika's strong coffee + a smile, and finally- exchanging travel+ boating tales with our newest friends! A perfect trip. Sail Groovy to Africa we will meet you there!
Ethel & Dillon
Infinite Thanks❤
A magical three days - 20th Sept 2021
Thank you so much for kicking off our honeymoon with an absolute bang! The sailing, the views, the food...and of course Steve's chat😀
We honestly have had the most magical three days. The turtle spotting was definitly a highlight for us both. Wishing you a successful season ahead and hopefully see you soon!
PS-Sorry for polishing off your rum in one evening!
A very special holiday - 12th August 2021
Thanks to you this has been a very special holiday for our family. Your warm hospitality on board, coupled with Monika's delicious food and witty remarks, Steve's expertise in sailing and enduring patience and kindness during our snorkeling and paddling, and incredible nature and landscape and much more then this made these days unforgettable.
Wishing you all the best and looking forward to sailing with you very soon
Arrivederci with love from all of us.
Adrian, Gluca, Sveva, Diego Gaia
Thank you - July 24th 2021
Thank you for a great short charter in the Grenadines.
Memories that will last a lifetime - July 10th 2021
From Nikos, Ines and Mark
We will never be able to fully thank you for all you have given to us this past week. We have made great memories aboard the Groovy that will last us a lifetime. Thank you so much for taking such a good care of us and for sharing your beautiful country. We loved seeing all the sights, swimming all the waters, drinking all the cocktails, and seeing all the turtles laying eggs
Amazing food! - March 20th 2021
Thank you so much for sharing your home with us for the past week. We arrived slightly frazzled from our respective jobs; within 2 days my phone was switched off & we were all blissfully unaware what day it was. Thanks for keeping the booze flowing, for Monika’s AMAZING food (Steve’s wasn’t too bad either!) and your patience and understanding of our stupid jokes, music+ dancing. You‘re welcome to Antigua any time! Lindsey.
Stone –the- crows, what a brilliant way to spent my second 21st birthday made even better by Steve and Monika. Thanks for the awesome cake and all the fun. I might learn something about sailing when I come next time. Ed.
A Dream Vacation
My favorite part of de week is when Karine and Karolyne fail in de dinguit. OOUUiiiiii
Lexie(7y) et Theo(9y) HiHiHi HaHaHa
Thanks for wonderful time we had. We will remember your kindness for a very long time. It has been dream vacation because of you, Karine.
From the moment we came on board I felt I was entering reality meditation
From the moment we came aboard I felt I was entering reality meditation. The wind, the sea, the birds, the fish filled my soul. I thank you for sharing your life with us. Special Birthday blessing to Monika on the Feb 13th!! May your travel continue to be peaceful and joyful. Sally and John
Thank you
Can not thank you enough for your amazing hospitality! I felt totally relaxed (at times comatose) on the wonderful Groovy! Monika’s meals were superb and so healthy! Steve’s expert handling of the boat was so good plus his sense of humor was a delight. We will never forget this amazing week. Thank you for everything! Mary & Chip
A Great Experience
This was our first time and we are hooked. Your boat is beautiful and very comfortable and you treated us all wonderful. Overall an amazing time. Best wishes to you both and hope to see you again soon.
Thanks for the memories!
Thanks for the memories! Our favorite highlights are:
Day 1- sailing !
Day 2– paddle boarding with the turtles in Mustique
Day 3- Billionaire Island, Scruffy’s and Foxy’s
Day 4- Tobago (my favorite!) Diving, Big mama’s and Jamie ate a poisoned apple, it’s a business Justine and Jamie bought everything. Jamie’s mermaid banana hammock.
Day 5- Getting lost in Mayreau and New Year’s Eve
Day 6- Happy Island, Strong rum, Sparrow’s, Goats
Day 7- Floating bar, the taxi ride to The Liming, getting hit by the jumping fish on the dinghy!
An Amazing Trip..
Thanks for this amazing trip that will definitely keep us daydreaming for a looooong time. Thanks for the amazing meals and munchies :-)) as well as your patience for all the kite rescuing. You are both really great hosts. Maybe we will meet you again somewhere on board of our own boat! Oui, oui:-)) Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!!
Snorkeling with rays, sharks, puffer fish and turtles
Dear Monika and Steve, Thank you very much for a wonderful trip around the Grenadines- it has been a real highlight of our overall trip. Tom and Alice have had great time( as you can see from the previous few pages) and for us our highlights include:
-enjoying snorkeling-especially the sharks, rays, puffer fish & turtles ( my absolute favorite!)
-the fishing!
-dreamy sailing between the islands
-Delicious food ( and we are such a foodies!)
-puddle boarding (especially on the surf board!)
- seeing the eagle ray at night ( awesome!)
-a G&T at 5:30 pm!!!
And particular thenk you for being so patient, kind,caring and fun with Tom & Alice. You made the trip a great fun learning experience for them ( in fact I think they are …)
Thank you
Thank you for the best meal in my life and teaching me knots. I enjoyed the trip so much. Thank you from Tom age 11.
P.S Thank you for helping Tom catching his first fish!
Thanks for an amazing time
Dear Capatain Steve and Monika. Thanks for an amazing time. Thanks for all the hospitality and flexibility. Captain Steve thanks for individualized cultural tour of the funny little Grenada island and for giving me the tools to catch that gigantic fish that fed the village(..well at least our table and that strait cat that befriended us). Looking forward for the next one with you. -Paul, Cat, Jack, Mikey, Ashley & Willy
Thanks for the amazing sailing experience. I enjoyed it so much especially the food and sharks. Willy age 9
Genuine Hospitality
The Lappalainen family from Finland had the best vacations ever on your amazing Groovy. We started out celebrating Anni’s 18th birthday and finished up toasting for Annakaija and Juha’s 29th anniversary- but absolutely the best times we had in between. You shared your home on the Grenadines islands with us with……..?? genuine hospitality. Before this week we could just dream of a like- and after this week there is no way we can dream of any holiday more perfect then with you guys and on Groovy. Especially we want to thank you for:
-being so friendly, so helpful, so much fun, perfect hosts!
-Monika for wonderful meals that you put all your heart into (“I would leave on this food for the rest of my life”)
- Taking us to the best kiteshool spot Frigate to learn to kite more
-especially worm thank you for letting Anni and Jusso kite on Mayreau on your kites (It sure looks like we got all enthused about kiting!)
-Thank you for all the rescues!
-for awesome “dark and stormy”+passion fruit daquarai, etc
-for being perfect local guides, leading us for perfect spots for enjoying the rugged beautiful Caribbean.
Next time we come (not an if:-)) we expect captain Steve foiling as well- and hope to stay a lot longer. Be aware – you might have loads of Finns steering your way already.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!Take good care till we meat again.
Annakaija, Juha, Milla and Annie, Jusso
Wonderful memories
Thank you both so very much for giving us wonderful memories of a great sailing adventure! We were welcomed and took great care of! Beautiful places, yummy food and good laughs! We look forward to the next time! Your friends The Maqugrath Family
Pure fun and enjoyment
Wonderful People:
Our trips never were short of adventures and loads of pure fun and enjoyment! How many trips did we do ? 8...12? Whales, dolphins, sharks, rays…BUT catching this Black Marlin was a dream I ‘e been having since I tied my first hook on my first line 34 years ago! The sound that the reel made…WOW!!! Life is Groovy you always say, but Monika and Steve you make ours more then Groovy! I am pretty sure we will be seeing you sooner then you might want!;-) You guys have superpowers!
Julia, Danielle, Marty & Billy xxx
One week was definitely not enough!
Thank you for a great trip. It was the best way to celebrate David’s 60thief birthday. We had a great time kite boarding, snorkeling with the turtles, stingrays and sharks. The snorkeling was one of the best we’ve had. We loved the food, from breakfast, lunches to happy hour and dinner. What a fantastic trip! We look forward to crossing paths when we are sailing our own Leopard 39! Fair winds and safe travels! David and Tricia Ferguson
One week was definitely not enough! It brought back such great memories sailing the blue waters with you. It will always be a trip we remember. Thank you for the dinghy rescues!! Safe travels
Jude and Rone Mohr
Thanks for a fun trip!
Steve and Monika- thank you for everything you two are the best! Everything was above and beyond. The food attention to detail, cleanliness, helpful, information…sense of humor, Bannana Gram… I hope we meet again but if not I’ll carry a part of you in my heart. Mary

Monika & Steve Thanks for wonderful adventure, Steve’s patience with helping me with snorkeling will always remain with me. Monika the meals and your creative presentation was wonderful. Thanks for a wonderful week long adventure in the Groovy.

Monika and Steve.
Thank you For being so thoughtful and helpful, and forgiving our diverse group a grand adventure.
An experience of a lifetime!
I really enjoyed the trip we did lots of things such as swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding and watching the turtles and the eagle rays, you guys are so nice and it was very enjoyable. Thank you we loved the trip (except for grandma throwing up) Love Eden

It was wonderful trip beyond expectations. Lovely being with you. We hope to make more trips with you in the future. All the best and good lack, much regards, Eileen

What was destined to be a great family trip (down memory line)-in footsteps of grandpa Big Jim, was made extra special thanks to great care of Monika & Steve. Thanks much! Helena De Bakker

Super fragilistick expyalledociusly Groovy! Thx for everything Steve and Monika, it was experience of life time!! Hans
Thank you
The boat was tastefully presented and decorated: Yes
The boat was ready to board at the agreed time: Yes
Upon arrival the boat was immaculate: Yes
Was the boat kept clean during the charter? Yes
Was all advertised equipment on board? Yes
Was the equipment in good condition? Yes
Any toys particularly enjoyed: Floats, paddle board, snorkel gear & kitesurfing equipment
Comments-was the boat comfortable: Yes
The captain was outgoing: Yes
The captain was professional: Yes
The captain was friendly: Yes
Comments regarding any sailing instruction: I'm sure he would have
Please describe the meals: Spectacular! We eat like royalty. Monika is a terrific cook.
Were specifically requested drinks on board? Yes
Did the meals reflect your requested preferences? Yes
Provisioning requests: Yes, they went out of their way to match our requests
The cook was professional: Yes
The cook was friendly: Yes
The Boat & crew exceeded the description. The crew really knew the Grenadines well and could not have been more professional and engaging. The Grenadines - Spectacular sailing, quieter less crowded islands and anchorages.
We lived a movie!
A wonderful trip with great friends and terrific crew! There aren’t enough positive descriptions to use. So nice to take a break from the snow and work and just enjoy the life. Alex

For so many years Jack and I have dreamed about chartering a sailboat in Caribbean. You made our dream come true! We had perfect vacations with great friends, amazing food and a wonderful crew! Thank you so much. Chris

We boarded a vessel named Groovy and for 10 days we lived a movie. Thanks for a most memorable adventure. Jack

A glorious 10 days of sailing, laughs and stories, memories to last for years. Jim
25th Feb 2019 - Big Thanks
“We are not crying because something has finished we are smiling because we lived through it” Monika & Steve, Big thanks for: *captaining which was caressing our hedonism letting us be the pirates of delight* Navigating the azimuths of windy perfection * Plush escortizm nautically extending borders of our imagination. It was great to lose ground under our feet together with you… Kite Freaks
13th Feb - Wow!
WOW! We had an incredible experience! Kitting was excellent. The captain Steve and mate Monika were wonderful. Service was impeccable. These two are just lovely people. Food, sailing, kiting, great people- can’t wait to return.

24th Jan - A bounty of food, fun, laughter, friendship, cocktails and camaraderie
Together we have thought of our week and key words….these are our memories keywords:
Safety- from the moment we stepped on the boat we felt safe…thank you
Lobster hunting- almost got that big one at Frigate Bay
Paradise in oasis- sitting on the beach napping in our stripy towels
Climb every mountain- and we did. The views were amazing and we discovered more then we dreamed of
Fishing (Monika stop laughing) really- despite Ryan’s skills we ate so much wonderful fish
Swimming with the turtles in Tobago Cays.
All in all a bounty of food, fun, laughter, friendship, cocktails and camaraderie.
Thank you!
Sharon, Sheila, Lindsey, Bob, Rayan, Harry
5th Jan 2019 - A fantastic Week on the water
The end of fantastic week on the water with Steve and Monika! Our boys were treated to a fantastic experience and we all enjoyed the “intense” rest + relaxation provided on Groovy. Every day and each island was more beautiful then the next. Who knows we might even be inspired to try kite surfing at some time in the future! It will be hard to leave but we will cherish the memories from our visit dearly. With love from the McGrath family from Huston, TX
28th Dec 2018 - Sailing with Santa!
Monika & Steve, Greeted us on the gang plank with hugs and a pristine boat. With in 15 minutes of sailing Steve get caught 3 Barracuda. One we through back and kept the other two. One hour later a pod of dolphin. Approximately 30 dolphins that swam by our boat for 15-20 minutes. What an inspiration to see those majestic animals. The 8 hours sail turned into 10 and we were thrilled with smooth seas. The blue skyies and sun beating down warmed our hearts after the cold snows in USA.
We spend the holidays with Monika and Steve and the memories made are numerous! We played games like Code Names, Dummy Rummy, ….and of course Steves Drinking Game.
Monika took us to Christmas Mass in Mayreau at Immaculate Conception when the parish was on FIRE with the Holly Spirit and Father playing TRUE and FALSE with us. The choir was uplifting. The tamborine was always on key the choir not so much. The singe of peace lasted 5 minutes with everyone hugging. SO FUN!
The night before Christmas Eve was spent with Black Boy & Debbie eating lobster with our feet in the sand. Yummy.
We could go on and on but space prevents us from rambling. Before I close I must mention Tobago Cays watching the kite surfers in the most incredible Turquoise water we ever seen.
Steve kept us entertained with stories, helped us learn sailing and taking care of the best fishing in the sea, introducing us to new cultures
Monika, she was AMAIZING. The food was incredible. One of the most delicious meals was the Barracuda that we caught earlier. The fresh fruit from the islands was perfect for the side or for desert. She always had a hot cup…or java ready in the morning, snacks just when we were ravenous …and served us the most delectable, healthy, satisfying food the entire cruise.
Our cruise with Steve and Monika was a trip of a life time. Their kindness humor and attentiveness brought our family closer together than ever. As we stared at the stars every evening, we feel we have added two stars to our lives ..
Monika and Steve!- Katherine, William, Lighann, Helen, Bridget

3rd Dec 2019 - Polish Power!!
POLISH POWER HAHA - Loved the trip! Best Captain & Cocaptain ever! I hope to see you soon. Thanks for everything!

Willing, efficient, and helpful.
“Our thanks to Steve and Monika-possibly the best crew we have had in our 10 years with the Club. Willing, efficient and helpful they are exactly what "customer care" is all about. They made for a very special holidays and we wish them well in their future endeavors.”- Evan & Jill
Amazing Time, Loved Every Minute
“Thank you for an amazing time loved every minute. FYI. Love that Vegemite! Everything was amazeBALLS! Thanks for your help with learning some sailing and appreciated your local knowledge. Love “-KK&D
Great Hosts..Amazing Stories!
“Dear Monika and Steve. What an amazing holiday! The kids had their turtles and beaches we had the sail and Thomas had his “Monika’s” barracuda and tuna! Thanks for the great meals, the great sunsets, bringing us to the islands, ferrying us to the beaches, lending us all your gear etc. etc. etc. but most of all, for being such great hosts and telling such amazing stories that make up your amazing lives! Always great to hear Aussie slang so far away from home! Cya soon….some time, somewhere! Don’t be a stranger! Cheers” – Thomas, Jin, Joey, Summer
I Caught My First Fish!!
"Thank you for making a very enjoyable stay. I really enjoyed fishing and snorkeling which was possible because of you. My greatest memory was when I caught my first fish. You have made me feel welcome and thought me things that will help me when I am on a boat. I wish that you only get nice people. Thank you for letting me have an amazing summer. “-Isaac (12 yrs. old)
We Are Expected for Return to See More Wonders of the Caribbean
“Dear Monika and Steve. Thanks for coping so well with sailing with us, despite the fact that we are so ”English”. We had an amazing time and we are expected for return to see more wonders of the Caribbean. Lastly thank you for taking care of Isaac. Monika tracking down the Ting and Steve being an amazing coach to a very old boy. Thank you and save sailing." Debbie & Isaac
Our Favorite Thing We Did was EVERYTHING
“Dear Monika & Steve. Thank you for all the fun we had on this trip. Our favorite thing we did was EVERYTHING. Like , sailing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, playing Uno, island tripping, and last but not least the dinghy rides. Thanks again for the trip Groovy!" Love, Sophie and Holden (5 yr. old & 7 yr. old)
A Pleasure to be Aboard Your Beautiful Boat
“Dear Monika & Steve. Thank you so much for the best 2 days. Amazing food and a pleasure to be a board you beautiful boat thank you so much.” Ron & Sara
Amazing Way to Celebrate my 60th Birthday
“Dear Monika & Steve. Thank you so much. An amazing way to celebrate my 60th birthday which I shall never forget. “Relaxation” redefined. Cheers.”- Kevin and Catrina
We Felt Safe in Your Hands
“Dear Steve & Monika, Thank you so much for the amazing experience even in the rough seas! (We felt safe in your hands!) the delicious food and your company was first class which made for a fantastic trip. Can’t wait to come back and do it again." From, Rob Carline Emily and Sally
Perfect Crew, Perfect Boat, Perfect Excursions
“What a fantastic 3 days we had! The perfect crew, on a perfect boat, taking us on a perfect excursions. Thank you so much for the memories and the companionship…and the rum punch! Much love from. Lincoln, Nebraska.”- Anna, Patrick, Elisa, Mike and Carl
The Only Way To Travel
“Such a fantastic time. The only way to travel… Lovely food and company. All our love.”- Wayne and Zara
Best Crew in the Grenadines
“To the best crew in the Grenadines. Thank you for the best food, great banana opponents and being willing victims for the “Bernadette” cocktail… May it live on in the memory of this voyage. Lots of love” –Bernadette & Sean Dowling
I Have Been Their Guest for the Last 6 Years!
Steve and Monika are the people that make every holiday an adventure! There is always too much fun things to do and to experience. The time is never enough. I have been their guest for about 6 years now and not a single trip was the same. Both Monika and Steve are very skilled at what they do and they make me and my friends feel comfortable and safe every time we get on board. This might sound a bit exaggerated so I will mention their downsides too. Monika's food is too good, so getting used to the food back at home is hard. Steve makes boating so easy that you might think you could sail a boat like that too. - Marty
From A Winner of America's Got Talent
"To Groovy. What a day! Thank you so much for a splendid cruise!” -Paul Zerdin (winner of America got Talent) & Robin Mellor
Fun Times
Our thanks to Steve and Monika - possibly the best crew we have had in our 10 yrs with the club. Willing ,efficient and helpful they are - thats what "customer care" is all about. They made this a very special holiday and we wish them well in their future endeavors.
Sincere Thanks
Evan and Jill
Thank you
We can't thank you enough. We so enjoyed seeing the Grenadines from your perspective. The chance to unplug and relax has done wondered for our stress heads. We appreciate your expert hospitality and wont hesitate to tell our friends they should book Groovy. Thank you.
Trevor (June 2018)
Great Company
“A really lovely week with great company and hospitality form Steve and Monika - despite the 24 hour delay via Thessaloniki on arrival. Thank you all very much. Bon voyage!”- Simon & Jenny
It's You Guys Who Make It Special
"Thank you so much for the amazing time I had on "Groovy" You have a great boat- so comfortable! but truly its you guys who make it special. I had a fab time on a trip I will never forget. Very best wishes, until next time!" -Anna
We Saw Turtles, A Whale, And Kitesurfed!
“Thank you so much for such a beautiful time in the Caribbean- we saw turtles, a whale and kitesurfed ( some better then others!) And to top it all off, Monika you're the best bloody cook ever!! I wish you lots of luck on your Caribbean adventure; sorry we won’t be with you to see it all!”- Katherine & Ronan
Chance to Unplug and Relax Has Done Wonders for Our Stress Levels
“Dear Steve and Monika. We can thank you enough for stepping in at the last hour and saving our charter. We so enjoyed seeing the Grenadines from your perspective. The chance to unplug and relax has done wonders for our stress levels we appreciate your expertise and hospitability. And wouldn’t hesitate to tell our friends they should book the Groovy." Sincerely, Trevor and Tanya Walker
Trip to Remember
Dear Monika & Steve,
Thank you so much for the amazing time i had on "Groovy". You have a great boat - so comfortable !- but truly its you guys who make it special . I had a fab time on a trip i will never forget.
Very best wishes, until next time! .

Best Holiday ever
Dear Monika & Steve,
What a great week lots of sailing excellent wind and delightful company from you both.
Your hosting is superb and absolutely appropriate to our team- you fed us well.
So much good sailing gen!
Fantastic Experience - thank you

Best Wishes Nigel and Alison
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2018 Guest Comments
What a perfect and amazing day!
Worlds are not enough to thank you for this wonderful-yet too short-day of sailing! What a perfect + amazing day! You showed us 50 shades of green in St. Vincent+ what a delight for our eyes. You are amazing hosts + you have a beautiful ship. We hope to sail again with you soon! Thanks for making these memories on our first few days in the Grenadines. You have inspired us in our own dream of owning a boat. We will write a splendid revue on TripAdivisor and Facebook.
Your French Canadian friends Patrick and Linda