Various types of pancakes: banana, apple or plain with maple syrup, fruit and yogurt

Homemade breads - variety of seeds

Mediterranean omelette

Nutritious mango-coconut-oat milkshake

Traditional full English breakfast

Oven baked fluffy omelette with green peas

French toast with avocado and sour cream

Homemade banana muffins with rum and raisins

Fruit platter, jams, peanut butter, honey, coffee and selection of teas 



Green curry chicken pappardelle with sun dried tomatoes, spinach and coconut milk

Mediterranean style shak shuka, mouth watering stew of chick pea, aubergines, and tomato topped with egg

Homemade dill gnocci with blue cheese and mushrooms

Leek risotto with crispy bacon

Quinoa salad with marinated chicken stripes.

Tuna fishcakes with mixed herbs served with red and white cabbage salad & roasted selection of seeds

Falafel with mint dip, chapati bread, beetroot salad and roasted sunflower seeds on a bed of rocket.

Penne pasta with BBQ aubergines and sun dried tomato sauce



BBQ' d Tuna steaks with sesame seeds served with wasabi & pickled ginger.  Accompanied by stir fried vegetables and steamed basmati rice

Mango chutney wahoo served with spiced green rice & local market salad

Honey glazed Maraget de Canard served with cranberry source, stewed apple and baked potatoes.

Filet steak with blue cheese BBQ green beans and potato wedges.

Beef stew with lentil and carrots

Mediterranean slow roasted baby back ribs with potato salad, red cabbage and sundried tomatoes.

Oven baked Mahi Mahi serviced with plantain, local vegetables and Caribbean spiced rice.


Deserts: coconut panna cota, mango cheese cake, ice cream, tropical fruit salad, chocolate soufflé


Happy Hour: Trust Captain Steve's mixological talents and a great variety of rum caribbean cocktails. Relax at sunset with, for example, a bite of nachos with cheese dipped in guacamole, or, crackers, vegetable dips and home made humous.