May 29, 2019
Burns Family
May 18, 2019
Mary & Rick
May 10, 2019
Steve & Denise
May 07, 2019
Jane & Grag
July 2017
July 2-10, 2017
Avery family (Bob, Kelly, Olivia, Loopan, Georgia & Kincad) & Castallarin family (Aleksandra, Stephanie, Francesca & Luca). Wonderful week, we loved every minute. Thank you so much for the memories – we want to come back.
Thank you – Georgia

August 2017 1st-11th

The Durkin family:
Of course, we could talk endlessly about how amazing this boat has been, but really it’s the people that make any holiday! In our case, this wonderful crew (Dimitri-Dimitra & Maria) have gone above and beyond anything, we could have expected.
Everything from the beautiful bays, to the comfort of activities on board, has blown us away and this trip will always have a special place in our hearts.

Thank you, our world will be empty without you. X
Edward, Trudy, Peter, Lucy, Daniel, Lucy, Louis, Heather
Heidi, Loic + Clement Amelie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you for the most wonderful and memorable vacation. You were fantastic. Everything about our trip was exceptional. I am sure we will come back on our time with you as most enjoyable.
Thank you
The Rogas Family

August 19th

On behalf of all these shipmates, Rand, Paula, Joe, Ron, Samery, Jeff, Sean & Bonnie we would like to thank the crew Capt. Dimitris, 2nd mate Maria and great chef Dimitra for their excellent above and beyond the call and duty! May God Bless you and the crew and may you have many more happy endings.
Bon Voyage,
The Currier
New England

28/08/2017 MYKONOS

Una settimama di relax e di merazavigliose isole, su uma gram bella barca (fontamentali I SEABOB) com un equipaggio simpatico e professionale, che rimazza mei mostri piu bei ricordi.
A Dimitri, Dimitra & Maria.

September 2016
Dearest Makis, Zeta and Iris
Words cannot express our gratitude, our thankfulness that we connected with you. The first day was a cordial Hello, not knowing what the next 5 days would unfold. SURPRISE. The families could not have imagined that one would fall in love with the three of you!! Sharing family stories, laughing, eating, toasting what a gift!! Kelly, John, Bruce and Kathy wish you safe sails. Much love
September 2016
Thanks to the best crew of the (Worlds End)!
The Germans from Hamburg
August 2016
Dear Makis, Zeta and Iris
You are a fabulous crew. We have enjoyed every minute on Worlds End. Many thanks from the Aussie Crew And thanks for adding an extra dimension to our charades. Next time we will have a go at them in Greek!
August 2016
Steph and I set off from Kos today heading to Scotland with our trusty golf sticks
... The same ones you stored for us 2 years back!
We saw worlds end departing today, heading into the Meltemi , back to Mykonos
It's pretty strong this afternoon
I hope they all have an enjoyable cruise
...ours was fabulous
Great weather
Good sailing
Thoroughly enjoyed your favorite island lipsi , including a memorable dinner at the taverna
Zeta and Markis looked after us beautifully, and Iris was a wonderful addition to the crew,( as much as we did like Nickos )

My crew are all home now and enjoyed the whole deal
... I find when you go back and do things again, you run the risk of not enjoying it so much the second time around
... But not the case on worlds end ... Just loved it
And agree, the refit works were all great

Sorry to miss you this time around
But we will be back someday
June 2016
Dear King, Zeta and Iris
Our voyage was fantastic. We could not have asked for a better crew to be with for ten days. You made everything special and perfect. The King made sailing the Worlds End look easy & fun. Zeta & Iris worked very hard to make him look good.
We love you all.
Love & Kisses
Stavros, dawn, Greg, Kathy, Katarina, Haley, Mark, Marie & John until next time!
June 2016
Dear Makis, Zeta and Iris
Thank you for the trip of a lifetime. The Memories and Experiences shared on this boat will be in our hearts and minds forever. None of this would have been possible without you. You work with a grace and professionalism we have never seen before.
Thank you for making us feel at home.
Until next time
Alex, Matt, Viv, Chris, Phil, Dan, Diana, John, Charlotte
September 2015
Dear crew,
Thank you for a fantastic trip! It never rains in Greece. We will remember this! Great food, great crew and great friends. Hope to see you soon!
Ps: Zeta, it snows in Belgium!
Emy & Bruno
Mona &
August 2015
Dear Zeta, Alex and Captain Makis,

We spent a fantastic holiday on board of Worlds End. It has been an amazing cruise both relaxing as well as full of joy and happiness. We loved the islands of Dodekannese , we enjoyed the waters of the Aegean and most of all, we will remember the great ti me we spent together.
Thank you! Thank you, captain Makis for finding always the best spots and for leading the boat with perfect professionalism! Thank you, Zeta for your smile and the great food! Thank you, Alex, for being always so kind and at hand when needed!
Thank you all for the consistent positive attitude and good humor, for being always protective, professional and simply perfect. Let's keep in touch. We look forward to the next cruise together.

Warm regards,

June 2015




July 2015
Makis, Alex and Zeta

We were a group of five couples from Florianopsfis, south of Brazil. We stayed here for a week and we had a wonderful time here! The cruise and the crew were fantastic! Hope we see them again!
Betina Lopez Gomes
July 2015
Dear Zeta, Alex and Captain Makis,

We are very grateful for this wonderful boat trip. So happy to have spent 10 fantastic days on the Worlds End with this amazing crew. The cosiness of Yeydra, the lovely village of Syros, the toughness of Kea, all the natural bays we had on dinners on the board… it was just fantastic. We hope to come back on another occasion to see more of the Cyclades islands, too much wind now…. but…. a good excuse to come back. Thank you Alex fot taking care of us as if we were at home. Thank you Zeta for the amazing dishes!! Thank you captain for the nice itinerary and the time you spent with the kids. We will remember the friendliness of the crew and the patience!
Hope to be back soon.
Bruno Varena William John
Glivier Laurence Leon Juorki Depre
and Yauthuen
May 2015
You are a very lovely crew.
Thank you for the hospitality. We had an amazing time. We will never forget this trip and are looking forward to come again.
Zeta rocks!
May 2015
Makis, Alex and Zeta

Thank you for a very memorable vacation. Not only was this 4 day voyage over our honeymoon trip but also accommodated our 4 year anniversary. The trip not only exceeded our expectations but will give us a unique memory to forever look back on especially since we have never experienced a charter like this. We will look forward to our next voyage and only hope to have an experience the same quality as this experience.

Septemeber 2014
What a terrific 3 weeks! We even sailed a little! Fabulous meals and very attentive service. Thank you for giving my guests and me such a pleasurable trip. If in Toronto come for a sail.
Mrs. H

We cant thank you enough for all you did to make our stay on board Worlds End so special! Your attention to every detail, effortless seamanship, wonderful cusine will be one of our very special memories. Fair winds and seas to you all.

Mrs & Mrs. M

To Makis, Nikos, and Zeta
Many many thanks for a great trip and for looking after us so well (Especially D not easy). Lovely food, good sailing and all very comfortable.

Mr & Mrs. H

August 2014
worlds end was everything we had hoped for and more !
Beautifully detailed
Dry and sailed well in all winds
We were out in 35 knots + and she handled it like it was what she was designed for !
Great amount of space for all of us including a bloke my size !
But the crew made it that extra special Markis, Nicko, and Zetta ( did I spell them right ? )
We're fantastic
And such a pleasure to spend time with
Sadly for Markis , I never left the wheel , so he did not get too much down time
Great weather
Great fun
I will plan a return one day !
July 2014
Same crew new boat plus Nikos. What a holiday you gave us all. We loved World's End from Crete to Cyclades Islands and have so many happy memories particularly when Pink Floyd were playing. The seabob won the best new toy of the year and the skiing was great.
Thank you all until next year!
Love Jamie

A huge thank you to you for as ever, arranging everything so efficiently and charmingly. The boat as you told us is fabulous, a big step up from Anassa. We love her and managed some good sails, she is so swift, I would have been happy to stay in my cabin in luxury but the lure of Zetas cooking was too much to resist. She really surpassed herself with the most delicious meals which I am now regretting as I have had to double my sessions at the gym!
What a crew, we are sooooo lucky to have had them again. Mikey and Zeta are totally charming, nothing is too much trouble and all done with a smile and with such good grace. Nikos is a good addition and was utterly helpful and fun. They all work so hard and we really appreciate their kindness and for being such great sports with us all. Please pass on our thanks to them once again.
It was a great route, as we experienced a variety of islands and some beautiful towns. The children adored the whole trip from cocktails and dancing to endless fun on the paddle board and sub - I even managed that and it takes a lot for me to get my hair wet!!
Love Jo
June 2014 - July 2014 (one month charter)
No comment, no complaints only congratulations and tahnks. This month of July was paradise for my piers and myself.
Thank you so very much "wonderful crew" we had a lovely time and we were spoiled as ever before.
Mrs. C

June 2014
Thank you so much for giving our families a vacation of a lifetime. I must admit having 7 kids on a boat for a week was a litlle concerning but each of you did a superb job of keeping them happy. Zeta your culinary skills were put to the test and you made each of them happy. From crepes, pizza, smoothies, and meals everything was great. Maki and Nikos you were great with all the water toys especially teaching them how to ski. The last night was the best with a perfect local fresh dinner followed with great wine and beautiful sunset. You showed us the beautiful Greek islands but even more you showed us how warm and generous the people of Greece truly are.

Thank you so much
Calhoune, Aaron, Tripp, Carmen, Ryan, Ivy, Jennifer

Thank you so much for the birthday party and the cute bracelet. I had such a great time here on this boat

It was a great week! Our crew was the best and we look forward to coming back soon!
June 2014
JUNE 7th
This was my 7th time on Worlds End and it was THE BEST week! The ship was in perfect shape. Better than ever before. Thank you for taking such good care of sea, Worlds End and especially us! See you next time!
All the best to you all
Dick, Isabelle, Shanti, Tinex